Swagbucks, Jingit, and free gift cards? OH MY!

This little blurb I wrote on my facebook group and moved here for all to see.

Anyone who has been in this group the last month knows that I am an Amazon addict. I can admit it! Why not? It saves me a ton of money and I get to shop there free once a month or so….so how can I complain?

I order my k-cups there, I’ve bought dish detergent, I go there for deals on toys, to keep in my ‘toy box’ for those unexpected birthdays. Living where I do, there is no Walmart, so a girl has to have these things on hand. or travel an hour to get a present at the last minute!

Anyway, I will share how to earn some FREE money for a little bit of time daily, 5 minutes at most! I’m a busy mom, I home school 1 daughter and run all 3 to practice, voice lessons, piano, games etc so time can be precious around here!

1. Swagbucks! Use their search engine and earn money whenever you are ‘looking’ around on the net and earn cash. Print your coupon.com coupons from there and earn 10 swagbucks for everyone you redeem! Easypeasy right? That will end up earning you gift cards to places like AMAZON! So you can shop for free too!

2. Jingit! This one is new to me but I’m liking it! you get paid for watching short television commercials, similar to the video values program Rite Aid has! You can earn up to $40 a month (once you have referred people). If you don’t refer a single person, you can still earn up to $5 a week. $20 bucks a month is more than enough to score big on Amazon! You get a debit card from Jingit, you pay $2 for the card out of your earnings.

Two programs that will earn you money and will ‘cost’ you 5 minutes a day! Who doesn’t like FREE money to shop with? I sure do! Use these programs to earn Christmas money for next year! OR use them to pay for essentials for your family freeing up cash in your budget!


What ever you do remember NEVER pay retail!!